3 stage Exuberance

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Before your departure on a mission, you will join the FlyVRs squadron and will be supported by a pilot instructor who will accompany you throughout your experience.

First, equip yourself! Your instructor will help you put on your flight gear for maximum immersion! Then go to the briefing to prepare the mission objectives. Be focused because your technical briefing will include aerodynamics, ballistics, and avionics! Prepare your mission at best, in order to emerge victorious!

Our Simulators

Our simulators designed to be as close as possible to a real-life jet flying experience, including the most advanced VR combination of hardware and software. You will not be aware that you never left the ground...!

Our HOTAS flight controls (Hands-On Throttle And Stick) make it possible to reproduce most of the features of these fighter aircraft. The only limit is your imagination.

Will you have the nerves and the stomach strong enough?

Our software simulates theaters and takes you through ever-growing complex missions. Gradually develop your flight skills, our instructors are there to help you, Captain!

Install in our simulators: Sit on a replica of the jet cockpit and put on your virtual reality headset.

Fly, and measure yourself to the artificial intelligence of the simulator or that of your friends, for dizzying dogfights!

Note that the VR experience offers sensations of depth and speed unmatched until now, so be prepared! The experience is not recommended for cardiac or sensitive persons.




Learn like the PROs.

Debriefing is an essential part of the life of a jet pilot.  It is the main tool through which we learn to excel in every field. After each mission, we will proceed to a debriefing, and you will be given your scorecard. The best aces of the squadron will see their photo hanged on the walls of the squadron and their name written on the TOPGUN trophy! Can you meet the challenge?

Our professional staff will go over your mission with you, step by step. Learn what you excelled in, and where you need to improve for the next time. 

Points that will be covered:

  • Plain operations

  • Mission 

  • Aeronautics

  • And more...